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Paper Impact Statement from Australian Paper 2019

January 2019 – December 2019

Franks Stationery’s purchase of Australian made copy paper during 2019 has supported these environmental, social and economic benefits:


51 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions offset by using Climate Active certified carbon neutral paper

Up to 1 tonnes of local office waste paper was recycled, which would otherwise be diverted to local landfill or exported**

Equivalent to 4 tonnes of CO2 landfill emissions saved

Compliance with Sustainable Forestry Management certifications (PEFCTM or FSC®)

Approximately 50% of energy used at the Mill of manufacture is generated from renewable sources


More than 5,780 full time equivalent Australian jobs*

More than 2,380 regional jobs*


$33,880 direct contribution to Australia’s economy (GDP)

$16,770 contribution to regional economies (GDP)

$16,810 contribution to the revenues of Governments in Australia


* Economic & Government Revenue Impacts: Australian Paper, Western Research Institute. January 2017, pp.3 & 4 (including flow on)
** Recycled paper: A comparison of greenhouse gas emissions associated with locally made and imported paper products – Project report, Indufor, April 2016

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